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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Having fun with my camera..... all in a nights work

With the time change (fall back 1 hour) there are more lights on in buildings at night so I set out to capture the full moon rising Thursday with an LA cityscape. I had my camera on a tripod pointed downtown and noticed the sunset fiery sky in back of me.....what luck..... I made this second shot of the "Silhouette Hills" (below)  in between set ups with the sun setting on the other side of the hills....does not get any better than that...you need to see this enlarged as the power line transmission towers speak energy with the fiery sky on top of the hill.

The two images above are totally different and taken 180 degrees of each other and only 30 min. apart..... it pays to look around when you are taking photographs. The moon rose over the Griffith observatory below, so I had to move it in PS4 to the right side of the city scape above, on top...below is the way it looked over the observatory. This also looks great enlarged as you can see a lot more detail...

That is the north star to the right of the full moon and it is steady. I left the plane flying, bottom right above the hills, to show the star is not moving....not bad for an evening in southern California in November.

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