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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Internet Predictions For 2012

Click on image for Business Insider Intelligence, a new internet industry research service.

This is another view
  1. Google will buy priceline
  2. Yahoo merges with AOL and nobody cares
  3. Apple will create a search product
  4. China's online population will top 550 Million
  5. Facebook will Integrate Search as a Core Feature
  6. Tesla will be acquired by Chinese or Germans eventually
  7. Call of Duty MW3 will surpass all records for movies or games ever in human history
  8. Hardware will begin to Disappear
  9. Facebook stock price will show 100% post IPO run up
10. More western companies will establish a presence in Chinese Social Media
11. Google TV will be bigger news and YouTube programming efforts begin to pay off
12. IBM will become big news again with some big acquisition....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Learn From A Dog: 15 Life Lessons From Your Pet

Dogs tend to be happy, active and well rested -- things we could all stand to learn. Read on for those and other tail-wag-worthy life lessons from your pooch.
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