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Friday, June 8, 2012

26 Favorite photography sites

Photo related sites that will keep you up to date in Photography


1 - Strobist

If you are a beginner in photography and don't know much about on-camera or off-camera flash light, visit this blog to get more about off-camera flash photography and take your photos to the next level of professionalism with beautiful images.

2 - Smashing Magazine's 50 Superb Photography Techniques

One of the most beautiful inspirational posts on Smashing Magazine

3 - Flickr

A  community-based site that enables user to organize their photos to share with friends and family and groups so users can share photos about similar topics, themes, or concepts.

4 - The Luminous Landscape

Nature and landscape photography vital information, latest news, tips, and tricks and valuable articles on various topics related to landscape photography techniques.

5 - Digital Photography Review

The website for getting reviews about the latest classic cameras and accessories, compare various cameras, and find images and specifications. Easily the best place to research your next camera!

6 - Photoshelter 

I'm using a PhotoShelter website to handle online sales, high resolution file distribution, SEO and more. It's a great way to attract new clients, show my work professionally, and do business with clients online. And I think it might be a great fit for you too. 

 I think you're really going to like what you see, so come join me on PhotoShelter!


7 - Digital Photo Magazine

Information about the latest cameras, accessories and gears  selected for the digital photographer to enable users to understand various terms, tips, and tricks about digital photography.

8 - National Geographic Photography

National Geographic Society has been motivating people to love the planet. Fabulous images taken by experienced photographers and important facts and figures related to all kinds of photography, especially on wildlife and nature.

9 - PDN Pulse

Leading online magazine with the latest news and headlines about photography collected from every possible source and displayed regularly. Users can sign up and become a part of the photographer community.

10 - Bodyscapes

A website of sensual and erotic art of the nude body which gives the impression of landscape. Allan Tager started this project in in 1976, and is still adding new images up to the present.

11 - Photoshop Insider

Scott Kelby is the editor-in-chief of the Photoshop user magazine and the president of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). His website is a famous blog regarding tips and comments from professional friends and Photoshop experts.

12 - Rob Galbraith

Website was first launched in 1996 and since then it has been serving photographers with latest products and accessories with in-depth analysis and reviews of the latest technologies related to photography.

13 - Photo Rumors

Update yourself with the news even before it happens Visit Photorumors to find out about the latest gossips and rumors about some of the finest brands in the market. Divided into categories to enable users to easily surf through the ones they are looking for.

14 - Ken Rockwell

Famous photographers website that covers a lot about photography techniques and understanding. Impressive 'how-to' articles are added to the website and it also includes some comprehensive camera and accessory previews to the index.

15 - SmugMug

A place to buy and sell photos an easy and convenient way for photographers to sell their images by presenting it to the online world. Submit your portfolio, photos and links a website on sharing your photos online via twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

16 - Infrared Photography using a Digital Camera

A website covering multiple topics about camera manual settings. It also provides information about infrared photography as the name of the website suggests.

17 - Canon Digital Learning Center

Learning about Canon cameras and accessories..... this website is for you. It is all about Canon learning  and articles on extract maximum information out of Canon Digital Learning Center.

18 - Digital Protalk

David Ziser's blog about photography tips, techniques, and news for digital photography, photoshop and lightroom, visit the top10 section.

19 - Photo Attorney

This website takes care of all the legal issues related to photography. Photo Attorney is the website that will help you understand your rights related to photography as well as specific legal needs that mostly confronts both professional and amateur photographers.

20 -Thom Hogan

This website is completely devoted to Nikon photographic equipment and accessories.  A comprehensive website about Nikon world and fan club.

21 - Red Bubble

A fine supportive community for those interested in creative arts. A marketplace, meeting place and learning place where users will feel comfortable. It is where users can sell their work, and users can buy calendars, canvases, cards, t-shirts, tickets and frame-prints.

21 - Friday Photo School

Photography is incomplete without learning and getting directions from some of the experienced and expert photographers. Online photography TV for those who are looking for video tutorials and lessons. It's a 24-hour channel for photography lovers.

22 - Kodak

Kodak products and services also covers lots of photography-related information, tips, and forums. It also has photo galleries where users can upload their photos and share them with the world.

23 - Basic Digital Photography

Are you new to digital photography and have no idea whatsoever about selecting a camera and clueless on your first step in the field of photography? This Website offers you a step-by-step tutorial to guide you about the world of digital photography and selecting the camera that best suits you.

24 - Photo.Net

This site is the perfect blend of education, art, and community with information about all major camera brands and informative articles about everything from aerial, street and wedding photography as well as interactive user forums and galleries. There are free and paid subscriptions that enable users to create accounts and upload portfolios as well as request critiques from fellow members.

25 - Professional photography magazine

Serving the emerging photographer for more than 100 years. This website covers topics that are faced by amateur and professional photographers to help them pursue their photography career.

26 - Photography Tutorials

All about learning every aspect of photography. Tutorials and articles that cover most aspects of photography, including aperture, exposure settings, post processing, film photography and much more.

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