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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photography Tips for easier sales and Real Estate insurance photo do's and dont's

My Routine
*Vehicles need to be out of the driveway by the time we arrive. An exterior shot of your home, on all sides will be taken. If you added anything to your property—pool, gazebo, deck, landscaping, etc.—be sure we get shots of it, because if they’re damaged, you’ll want to include those in your home insurance claim.
*I will photograph the exteriors of the front, sides and back of the property.
We're constantly on the move, so "moving things out of the way" does not work well. These things in question should be placed in the garage or a closet. When we move onto your home’s entryway. Recording the walls, floors and ceilings of your home (please let me know of  any flooring, light fixtures, antique frames, etc., that you want to include). When filing a home insurance claim, you’ll be most concerned with replacing the big-ticket items (electronics, furniture, etc.), so we start out with that.
*All major items in every room will be photographed.
*I will take photos inside closets and drawers if requested.

Arguably the most important room in the house.
*Clear the island so the photos show how spacious it is.
*Small appliances make the counter space disappear. For insurance purposes however the toaster, toaster oven, microwave, coffee pot, knife block, can opener, hand mixers, expensive appliances, etc. should be viewable
*Clear the refrigerator. Sports schedules and school lunch menus, etc. are things most people don't want perfect strangers to have access to. Let's clear it completely, at least for the photos.
*Don't forget to conceal the kitchen garbage.
*Empty the sink and put the soap under the sink.

*Shower/bath items should be placed under the sink for the photos.
*Clear counters of electric toothbrushes, Water Pics, pill bottles, etc
The average-size home takes about 60 minutes. You may leave when we complete the inside. We can finish the outside work if needed and leave by a side gate.

Your Checklist

*Items not included in the sale/lease of the home should be out of view. This naturally includes cash, jewelry and valuables.
*Open window blinds and drapes to reveal the windows.
*Window boxes are fine if they do not block the view.
*High-back chairs should not be in front of windows, which would block the view.
*Turn inside lights on.
* Fans off.
*Televisions off.
*Toilet lids down.
*Make the beds and put clothes in the hamper.
*Conceal garbage containers.
*Open doors between rooms to give an open feeling and ensure all rooms are included.
*Remove pet food bowls and toys, and conceal pets.
*We will photograph expensive artwork. Please tell us ahead of time.
*We can't assume liability for moving furniture, etc. The property will be photographed as is.
*Remove rugs. If not included in lease
*Conceal cords. They remind us how many things we keep plugged in 24/7.
*Baskets of slip-on shoe covers: Out of sight where you'll remember them
*Open house/lease signs should be out of view though not that important

Other tips: The whole point of making the video or photographs is to make your home insurance claim process run more smoothly. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you not only clean your home (it’s easier to determine what is covered in the home insurance claim if it can be easily identified in the photos, sans clutter); We include your name, address, date and time of the video on the tape; and provide narration/commentary throughout if making a video, making a verbal note of any big-ticket items (jewelry, laptop, etc.) and mention the general price if you remember it. The more details the better for your home insurance claim. Keep the video/photos safe. Store the video somewhere safe (off of your property), like at a relative’s home or a safety deposit box. That way, you know your video won’t be destroyed, lost, or missing when you have to file your home insurance claim. 

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